Kulturscio'k has structured A PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION activity as a real factory of training and permanent production:



Kulturlabs International - Laboratories or private sessions of coaching organized with the best American and European coaches of method, periodically published in our site. In different european cities.



Kulturlabs In-Factory - Laboratories or private sessions of coaching organized by the members of the group.



Kulturlabs In-Progress - The creative (and free) laboratories of the company are thought instead as moments of meeting and exchange where we risk our creative ideas and our baggage of competences and you risk yours...create some beautiful short artistic circuits! Our last shows were born thanks to these inspiring components of network, usually held in Montreuil (France) or in Italy.



Kulturlabs for social exchange: Since three years Kulturscio'k manages and high professional formula of workshops held in prison. We started at the Carcere delle vallette in Turin where Ivana Messina held an exceptional all year long workshop with prisoners and people affected by disability; as a result three wonderful shows where produced all abased on the rare an unique strength of those special actors the shows cannot be seen since there are very strict privacy rules to be respected but all of them where based on a mixture of songs, comical themes and personal life original scripts : to be seen !!!! One inspired by the life of Domenico Modugno, another one by the films of Toto' etc etc.....



Kultur/kids: play and have fun with the performing art



The collective Kulturscio'k proposes workshop of hip-hop and self-expression through movement.

Awakening in different discipline artistic: theatre, dance, music, writing, costumes, lights.


They are moments of socialization and user-friendliness where get involved in the learning of a technique and tools of expression and that of the values of the "life in a group" / "to live together".

The collective does not propose a training but an artistic residence in the institution where we are going to try to develop each ones creativity “with creativity”.


The collective works since a long time in a multidisciplinary way whether it is in our creations, in the workshops, which we propose in prison or in schools.


Our interest is to develop a language of research, which can help the individuals to communicate.

Our activities are intended for a public from 6 to 99 years old.


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Artists willing to stay and create, we offer the possibility to apply for a few days artists residency in our factory space in Domicella. Projects having something very urgent to explore and something very powerful, are welcome

to apply for the residency; please write us at :





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