What role can we play in a revolution?


I imagined a few years ago a contemporary interpretation of the myth of Medea based on four different female personalities: primitive, magic, rebel, passionate. I didn’t have a child at the time. I let this idea grow, and I made pieces around romantic relationships. Today I have a seven year old child, it’s time to come back to Medea.

This is where the plural title emerges from: Medea’s visions. Several independent interpretations coexist around a common theme. It is imperative for me to have male perspectives on this feminine duality.


Thanks to magic artistic encounters and thanks to actors and producers helping us , this project became reality

(Alessia Siniscalchi )


It is a question of putting on stage (and even off stage because the place is always an adaptable factor ) the following themes: identity, gender, family,  Bible and more generally religion and law.  Oppositions and opposites. Theater and peformance



We are in  plural universe in collaboration with:

The artist Valerio Berruti (recently exposed at the Biennale de Venise)

The writing of Paulina Mikol Spiechowicz (notably published with Baldini e Castoldi)

The installations  by the Russian artist Anja Martchenko

The actors of Kulturscio’k live art collective, a total of 5 actors.

The visions videos by Piero Viven and photography by Luca Florino and Giovanni Ambrosio/Black Spring Graphics Studio

 The music of Cristina Barzi and Phil St George.

A photographic performance is linked to the project


A video excerpt to show the atmosphere



Project produced par Snaporazverein Art and Video production et kulturscio’k Italie / France

Distribution : kulturscio’k live art collective mise en scène /direction artistique alessia siniscalchi art plastique Valerio Berruti art and space installation Ania Martchenko photographie Giovanni Ambrosio/Black Spring Graphics Studio  et Luca Florino avec Felicie baille, alexandra saifi alessandra guazzini francesco calabrese fanny guidecoq katarina lanier texte Paulina Mikol musique Gypsiliana  Cristina Barzi , Philippe Combret communication site Black Spring graphics studio

Created thanks to Ménagerie de verre Paris, art residency. Video by Piero Viven


The first video / vision  is a reflection on the reason why Medea refuses her  children. Medea  dreams his/her man  with another woman and decides to lose the baby that she is going to have. When Jason leaves the house because he wants to be with a younger woman,


Medea has a dream/VISION:  she is pregnant and wants to have an abortion but three women (representing law and religion) try to persuade her not to do it. Medea  melts past and present visioning him with the younger woman and identifying herself to her.



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