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Presented in 2014 at the prestigious Napoli Teatro Festival in Naples


Dancing prohibited is an original bilingual work based on my personal history and transformed into a contemporary musical fairy tale where a woman, Charity Cirillo, becomes the symbol of contemporary women .


Born a few years ago in Turin, when, where one of the rules of the condominium of the "Kulturiscio'k" headquarters, read: DANCING PROHIBITED. This directly inspired the title of the project and the work is the product of a series of encounters of different artists (a judge, an architect, a poet) who supported it, and fuelled the writing of the text with their collaborations. The result is a "polyphonic" piece, in which actors, dancers and singers become protagonists of a kaleidoscopic theatrical game (talked, danced and sung). The story is a pretext to talk about justice and love, whose dynamics are often distorted and lead to misunderstandings. The woman/defendant relates to her lover/judge while he is haunted by guilt, unable to choose.


The witnesses do not want the man to find his independence and do whatever they can to obstruct their encounter and to have a moment of glory during the trial.

It is chance, which determines Cinderella’s encounter with a man, and chance, which leads her to be involved in incomprehensible events.

This contorted game is completely maneuvered by Justice, which is full of contradictions and paradoxes and uses deceptive and questionable convincing methods and investigating tools, often condemning someone who is innocent.


The witnesses (three women/men of undetermined sex) will dance together, accomplices in the accusatory dynamics, the prosecutor will dance with them in a perverse game which will lead to the impossibility of any potential relationship and to mutual incomprehension. The prosecutor is a man who seeks stability in the rules of the Government, the judge seeks his stability by controlling the defendant, the witnesses rely on those who are more powerful, the defendant seeks the stability in a love difficult to obtain.

The characters are all inspired by the fairy tale of Cinderella, where the relational dynamics between the characters are driven by mutual aggression, envy and lust for power, the denigration of poverty and difference, where, in the end, everyone is vulnerable in their own way. Nobody, however, is allowed to dance, because no one is truly free and nobody is truly strong. Power relations eventually prove insignificant and the same judge controller, stripped of his role, finds himself alone, abandoned and frightened. Solitude becomes a dance, in which all the characters dance alone, waiting to find someone who believes in them and supports them.


 The music is also protagonist: gospel chanting, soul and folk songs from different countries are sung by the characters and recorded, alternating with the story. The characters are almost always together, in a chorus, even if driven by different actions and motivations.


Dancing Prohibited is a performing idea about the conflicts and the paradoxes of everyday life, on the weakness of the society in which we live and our duty to contrast every form of flattening and violence against the defenceless.


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