Kulturscio’k has structured a professional education activity as a real factory of training and permanent production with professionals coaches performers and directors .

Kulturlabs International – Masterclasses or private sessions of coaching in different European cities organized with the best American and European coaches.

Kulturlabs In-Factory – Workshops or private sessions of coaching organized by the members of the group.

Kulturlabs In-Progress – The creative (and free) laboratories of the company are thought as moments of meeting and exchange where we create some beautiful short artistic circuits! Our last shows were born thanks to these inspiring components of network, usually held in Montreuil (France) or in Italy.

Kulturlabs for social exchange – In the last three years, Kulturscio’k has managed a high professional formula of workshops held in prison and for refugees. 

We collaborated with Vallette Prison in Turin, Croix rouge MC93 in Paris.

Kultur/kids –  We held a lot of different workshops for kids focused on multidisciplinary mises en espace from outstanding books, ex. Harry Potter.Our interest is to develop a language of research which can help all individuals to communicate.
Skype: sinisca
+33 (0) 642811630

Kulturfactory Domicella

Artists willing to stay and create, we offer the possibility to apply for a few days artists residency in our factory space in Domicella. Projects having something very urgent to explore and something very powerful, are welcome to apply for the residency; please write us at :


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