Virtuality is possessing my future, in the present I am still looking for an identity, an image, a gender, a deadline. Past is a green / red / tasty memory.

Theatre where text is reduced, summarized, destroyed, to the benefit of visual, aural artistic creations; radical technological inventions, exacerbated and extreme, become a pretext to tell the present, the past, the future.Or to glimpse what we’d rather not see in the human condition.

In Sibyl sessions, a live and technological improvisation is put in place between past, present and future. Contemporary oracles glued to our phones, searching for identity and gender or to delay the next deadline by looking for answers, for questions, for contact through the web towards a dark and solitary future.

Live music, art, photography, video and technology are once again the sensorial elements that bring these projects together.

The Sibyl Sessions project (working title) is born, a collective creation in remote work sessions or in the theater (ménagerie de verre, Paris and various residencies)Kulturscio’k with Alessia Siniscalchi, Paul Spera, Phil St. George, Giovanni Ambrosio, Alessandra Guazzini, Benjamin Sillon, Maria Mazzella, Imma di Lillo, Paulina Mikol and others.

Pictures by  Roberto  di Mola
Skype: sinisca
+33 (0) 642811630

Kulturfactory Domicella

Artists willing to stay and create, we offer the possibility to apply for a few days artists residency in our factory space in Domicella. Projects having something very urgent to explore and something very powerful, are welcome to apply for the residency; please write us at :


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