Eve / Medea is a multidisciplinary research, a dialogue between theater, dance, art, live photography and live music. Behind the works of visual artists, we want to create the emergence of several points of view. Their interventions are totally autonomous in our common thread. Hence the plural title of the project: Medea’s Visions. Several independent interpretations coexist around a common myth in the versions of Euripides, Dario Fo, Grillparzer, the new writing of Paulina Mikol and George Bernard Shaw. We insisted that there would be male looks on this duality of women.

Alessia Siniscalchi, Valerio Berruti

FR Imaginez une adaptation de Médée liée à Eve et Jason à Adam. Imaginez 17 moments différents du mythe dans des cycles sans arrêt. Imaginez un mélange d’art, écriture, performance, chansons, musique live et un voyage créatif à travers cela. C’est à New York que Alessia Siniscalchi a imaginé son interprétation de Médée. C’est ainsi qu’est né ce dialogue atypique entre Eve et Médée, installation performée qui investira la Ménagerie de Verre et le Théâtre Bellini à Naples avec les œuvres de Valerio Berruti, les photos de Giovanni Ambrosio, la musique de Phil St.George, l’écriture de P.Mikol,les projections de B.Sillon, les matériaux de A.Martchenko et les interprètes de Kulturscio’k.

EN It is in New-York that Alessia Siniscalchi imagined her interpretation of Medea. Thus was born this atypical dialogue between Eve and Medea, an installation that will invest the wonderful and mythical Ménagerie de Verre in Paris and Teatro Bellini in Naples with art works by Valerio Berruti, pictures by G.Ambrosio, the music of Phil St.George, the writing by P.Mikol, B.Sillon’s projections, A.Martchenko’s materials and Kulturscio’k’s performers. Imagine a free adaptation of Medea related to Eve and Jason to Adam. Imagine a site – specific process that includes 17 different moments from the myth in nonstop cycles. Imagine a mix of performance, art, songs, live music and a creative emotional trip through this.

Artists Directed by Alessia Siniscalchi Art work by Valerio Berruti  Live music by Phil St George Photography by Giovanni Ambrosio, Writing by Paulina Mikol, Scenography and objects by Ania Martchenko, Lightings by Benjamin Sillon, Performers Felicie Baille Alessandra Guazzini Francesco Calabrese, Alessia Siniscalchi, Zelia Pelacani Catalano, Chiara Gistri,Fanny, Guidecoq, Vincent Callot Siniscalchi dancers Art Garage Produced with Ménagerie de Verre studio lab residency, Snaporaz Verein, Kulturscio’k, Kulturfactory.

Presented at  Menagerie de Verre Paris , Nuit blanche 2019

Teatro Bellini Naples 2020
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